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Registered Valuer | Urban and/or Rural | Property Valuer

  • Adaptable role with a wide & interesting range of work and the ability to specialise
  • We look after our staff with a Workplace Wellness policy - Yes, you even get your birthday off!
  • The team is witty and hard working.. until it’s time to stop working! Ask about our Unplugged policy!

Base salary + Commission | $100-$150K OTE + mileage + tools. Award winning office part of NZ’s largest independently owned property valuing business. Both Directors have HUGE hearts, believe in excellent systems /processes & are committed to making sure they have happy staff.

Yes you read the summary right, we offer BASE salaries as well as commission so that you know you have a stable income to support your family, get a loan or just plan that trip away.

As you read our Directors really are amazing humans that are genuinely committed helping you succeed at life not just work. They do this by supporting you with annual goal setting, salary reviews and strong management rhythm. To help you grow we offer annual study award fund for special study. This will include cost of study and up to one week study leave (paid) to cover study.

Although we are an extremely professional team our staff are like our family (actually we are super family oriented and invite partners to our events) and we do regular team building activities like dinner, bike ride, lunches, workshops and field days.

Because we know work can be stressful we want to minimise that for you as much as possible and have implemented an Unplugged policy. If you are off work for 4 days or more you will stop getting emails and anything you did get gets deleted so you do not get overwhelmed on return and can focus on recharging your batteries!! We also give you extra days off for long service, your birthday AND to do...wait for it, CHRISTMAS shopping! We all know how stressful that can be!

Rotorua or paradise as we like to call it is a friendly town of around 70,000 people surrounded by the stunning Redwoods, world famous in the Mountain biking community with hikes and nature walks all around.

One of the biggest selling points of our area is that prices of houses are really affordable, you can get an amazing family home for around $400K! But not only that we are still close to everything with only a 3 hour drive to Auckland and 1.5 hrs to the mountain!

You will love living in our outdoor heaven with our flexi-hours so that you can enjoy the snowboarding, water skiing, mountain biking, a hike - you name it!

Joining our team you will have the choice of specialising in either Urban or Rural Property Valuations. Either way the directors have a wealth of knowledge as they worked their way up from junior / graduate to the industry experts they are now so they will be able to mentor you and ensure you have everything you require to operate efficiently in your new role with an extensive database to simplify your research.

We get that your time is precious so you can work flexi hours, whatever suits you and your clients between 7am and 7pm AND we will give you administration support so you don’t have to do all the mundane stuff yourself. Here at TelferYoung we also have a process that you can just step right in and run with as well as proper valuation software. We also give you a phone, laptop and iPad so that you can work remote! Although you have a solid team and admin support you are given full autonomy so you can control your own priorities and time and optimise the system to suit your style.

Because we are a part of a national conglomerate you can trust that we have systems and processes to help you focus on what you do best rather than red tape and slow or backwards ways of doing things!

Our mission is to be “An awesome team providing an awesome customer experience by living our values everyday”. We do that by staying true to our values of ‘being better’, having strong ‘teamwork’ and having honest and present ‘communication’. We are always striving to improve and we know that as a team we do better together. We respect each other and always operate with integrity. All of this combined with our 30 year history in Rotorua and being a part of NZ’s largest independently owned property valuing business allows us to constantly succeed and provide a workplace that fosters happiness and growth.

The fact that both Directors - Kendall and Grant LOVE to teach and mentor combined with the reality that they are great humans that contribute a lot to our local community means that our brand and business is extremely well regarded and trusted in this area.

Our bare minimum requirements

  • Registered Valuer or near registered in either NZ, QLD or NSW 
  • Proven ability to complete accurate, high quality valuation reports for all purposes on time
  • A history of achieving financial targets 
  • An awesome attitude with the willingness to help us innovate and for you to grow and develop
  • Strong moral and ethical values
  • The desire to work as a team combined with the ability to manage yourself 
  • A valid drivers licence

The Icing on the Cake:

  • Registered Valuer with experience in NZ
  • Local knowledge
  • A niche that you are the master at i.e the King of Commercial or the Queen of Rural

Applications will be screened as the applicants come in so don’t delay, send your resume ASAP to

Only successful applicants will be contacted

Two Positions Available | Registered Residential Valuers – North Shore and South Auckland

The Auckland office have two positions available for a Registered Residential Valuer to work in the North Shore and the South Auckland areas.

TelferYoung (Auckland) Limited is part of a nationwide group of 12 leading independent valuation practices combined, being the largest private sector valuation group in New Zealand. We aim to develop and maintain strong ongoing relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves on independence and quality advice. We have modern City premises and also operate a North Shore office. The position would be based in the City or from your home office.

What we offer

  • Advanced customised valuation technology that allows for easy remote operation. 
  • Large client base on top of the Residential Panel work.
  • Team of 14 Valuers who operate throughout the wider Auckland region, providing experience and knowledge that is openly shared. 
  • Brilliant administrative support staff that is always there to help and make your job easier. 
  • Competitive remuneration that is negotiable.
  • Annual TelferYoung national conference that provides a good contribution to CPD compliance. 
  • Full time employment. 

What we require

  • Someone that is enthusiastic about life and their work.
  • That has excellent written and verbal communication. 
  • Works well as a team member but also the ability to operate independently.
  • Self-motivated to achieve high performance results.

Applications including a CV and cover letter to the Office Manager Helen Sebastian-Pace:

All applicants will be considered in confidence.