We now do building inspections.

Adding a building inspection division to our established valuation practice was a logical decision.

We believe it will make the often disjointed process of purchasing and selling a home more streamlined, by minimising the number of contractors involved.

Building Reports

The TelferYoung Property Report is a detailed evaluation on the condition related matters for each property. Includes residential properties, units or new dwellings.

We can co-ordinate our valuer and building inspector to be at your property at the same time so you only have one inspection time to organise.

Methamphetamine (Meth or P) baseline testing can be included with any building inspection.

In the event of a positive reading we recommend a laboratory test to ascertain the severity of contamination. We can co-ordinate this.

Infrared imaging can be included with any building inspection. It can detect moisture or electrical issues that may not be visible with the naked eye. 

Lans Hassleman  

Lans Hasselman has joined us to provide the Technical knowledge and expertise behind these reports.

Lans has been operating as a Registered and practicing builder for over 22 years and has built his professional reputation on trust and honesty. Lans is passionate about his trade and is Hawkes Bay born and bread.


Contacting TelferYoung (Hawkes Bay) Limited prior to purchasing your new home could potentially save you thousands of dollars.


Our Inspections

What We Inspect

For Whom

 + Pre-Purchase

 + Private Homes

 + Private Owners

 + Pre-Sale

 + Rental Properties

 + Landlords

 + Moisture & Thermal Imaging

 + The Family Bach

 + Real Estate Agents

 + Cladding

 + Light Commercial Buildings

 + Solicitors

 + Unauthorised Works


 + Banks/Financial Institutions



 + Insurance Companies




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