TelferYoung Northland get involved in the Waitangi Tree planting event

Team pic2

What a special planting day! A huge collaboration between ANZ, Sustainable Coastlines, Ko Waitangi Te Awa Trust, Ngati Kawa, and the Northland Regional Council’s Waitangi Catchment Forum.

Across the two planting days, nearly 10,000 trees were put in the ground. On the Thursday 42 people, mainly ANZ staff and members of local marae, planted 3184 native trees at the gorgeous Lily Pond. Saturday saw 6203 stems planted on retired farm land, helped by a contingent of students from Bay of Islands College and a crew from TelferYoung.

A storm passed through Waitangi a week prior moving masses of silt and sediment down the river and highlighting the need for well planted riparian zones. The planting sites will have an enormously positive impact on the local awa, as they both border tributaries that flow straight into the Waitangi River. These trees will help soak up any nutrient run-off from the farm, as well as provide awesome habitat for local fauna. Species planted on the Saturday include ti kouka, harakeke, manuka, oioi and toetoe.

Thanks to all those who came out, we can’t wait to head back to the north next year!

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Posted 2 months ago